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Would you like to showcase your products 24/7?

Would you like to advertise 'others' and be 'cost negative'...?

If you can answer yes to either of these questions then you probably need our services.

We can provide you with a system that will allow you to show adverts for your own products - or others - on a 24 hour basis and schedule the showings to the minute.


The system has been developed as a collaboration between two NZ companies - Signcraft and Hera System - to bring you a simple, lightweight advertising system that is managed by us - for you.


It can be used to showcase your own products to your clients (or the public) or it can be used in a club/social environment - where by selling 0n advertising space, the system becomes either revenue neutral - or it makes a profit for you - depending on how many advertising slots you on-sell!


We have two products that can advertise you.


The first is DAS-System V1.24C.

This product is the basic scheduled display system.

It allows you to set your adverts into slide groups and then schedule the groups to run at specific times during the day or night.
The system allows for updates to the groups to take place during the day - and any scheduling changes are made during the overnight refresh.




Our second system is DAS-System V7.24A

This system is more versatile in that it extends the scheduling to a week - which means that if you need to have a particular product advertised at a certain point in the week or you have a special event you need advertised - you can schedule them up to a week in advance - and the new schedule will come into effect at the overnight refresh.



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