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I just wanted to let you know that we are very happy with the sign writing on the car.

Thanks for your assistance with this!



Just letting you know the roof sign looks fantastic. Stood out like a beacon.

The colours work very well. Well done. Thank you to the team.


Lynda Timms, ChemDry

I was in dire need of getting some graphics both designed and installed onto my company van, I had tried a few other companies but to no avail, their costs and design works were substandard and not worth the money they charged, also communication and deadlines were not good at all, they had no respect for the time I needed this done by, nor did they listen to what I was in need of.


So on Helge approached me after seeing that I was on the lookout for a special team to take care of all my graphics needs, so I made contact with him and the work started immediately, it was very hard to think up a new look for my branding and how to put all my ideas into one concept, and a couple of weeks past and with emails flying back and forth it all came to fruition, the graphic team nailed it and to this day I wonder just how they got into my head to put all my ideas onto on the one design, …we had many things to think about…such as boldness, flow, professional, easy to read, various information to be laid out and much more…also you do not want the design to end up looking aged in the next few years to come, in this case I feel this will look awesome for many years to come and when I need to rewrap my van I would be using the same design again.


Helge and his team are so very friendly, I honestly felt like family with them and felt very welcome when I visited them up in their Kapiti office…also when there I saw just how many other things they offer, such as printing on tee-shirts, business cards, safety signs, trophies, heaps of good things, I know where I will be going when I am in need of more cards and safety signs, also I will be returning back to them as I want to design a new logo for my company…I know they won’t disappoint me at all, never have, never will.


It’s a breath of fresh air when you finally make ties with another professional company whom you know are without a shadow of a doubt are the best in their industry…well done guys…you deserve it!


Since having the van sign written, I look approachable and professional and feel so much more confident in the public eye (as before I had a Honda Oddyssey with old graphics which in its time looked okay, now looks like it needs burying) and when I turn up to quotations and meet with clients, they can see instantly that they are dealing with a successful company, I know my works speak for themselves and am good at what I clean up, but now I have the right look in business with the van clearly showing potential clients why they should look no further than my company.


Helge, you did it mate, thank you for the brilliant service you and your lovely team offered and its nice to have some new friendships blosseming from this as well.


James Butler, Clear Water Blasting Services Limited

“Working with you and your team at Sign Craft Helge is an absolute treat. No job is too small, too big or too difficult. You listen, act promptly and are so solution-orientated. Kapiti Retirement Trust have been using your services now for many years and you have never failed to deliver a quality product at a great price and you are local. Thanks so much. Wendy”


Wendy  CEO Kapiti Retirement Trust

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